I bought a new camera – my Sony A7C

It’s mirrorless, and I haven’t quite worked out why that’s a good thing, or even if it is a good thing. However, it’s pretty compact, quite light and has a full frame sensor which means I have graduated from thinking that its megapixels that determine a cameras quality.

Having spent hours and hours trawling through identical reviews on YouTube all hosted by very different people from all over the world, I decided to make the plunge and buy a Sony A7C. It came with a 28-60mm compact travel lens that’s pretty good but to complete the purchase I continued with the two footed jump and added a Sony 24-105mm G lens. The G is a good thing apparently, and quite an expensive one as well.

The truth is I don’t really know how to use it. Sure, I can load it on Auto and do some point and click with some effort of composition, but I’m a little unsure when I would be using the other settings, and more importantly, how I would use them to improve my photography.

But! I don’t mind that. I don’t mind that I now need to teach myself through more YouTube and more trial and error as that is the whole point of buying it. To become a better photographer, to take better pictures and to really enjoy the process.

A glimpse of some early photos are below. Let me know what you think; what you would suggest I do differently, and who on YouTube you would recommend me watch – even if its you!

Pulteney Bridge, Bath
Fountain outside Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey and The Pump Rooms
Our Little Cavachon
Battle of Britain Monument, The Embankment
A View of the Thames from Parliament Bridge
London Architecture

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