My First Final Cut Pro Video

I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew the moment I watched a tutorial on the basics of FCP. You could edit a Hollywood movie on this software I thought, which is great news, but not if like me you don’t know what you are doing. After trying to run a good…

2022 – My Best Bits

I can’t complain. I’ve cycled the cobbles of Flanders, climbed the best mountains in the French Alps, ridden through sun-soaked crop fields in Dorset, mountain biked the Atlas Mountains and snorkelled in the Indian Ocean. It’s been quite a year. Add to that a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Valencia in Spain and Verona in Italy…

Tour of Flanders

Having been literally locked down at home for what feels like five years, the opportunity to cross the English Channel with a close group of friends to see the famous cycling classic The Tour of Flanders was too good an opportunity to pass. Little did I know when I left, that I would be waking…

London to Amsterdam – why not?

Approximately two years ago I set out to organise a London to Paris bike ride for anyone at work that was interested in coming with me. The aim, was to raise money for the charity Sanitation First and the consequence would hopefully be fun as well as a positive outcome for the charity. It was…

Italian Alpes Cycle Trip

I agreed to climb Stelvio because I always liked the idea of telling people I had. But now I was at the bottom, in the soaring June heat my thoughts were very different.

2018 Reflections

It’s a morbid thing to say, but I said recently to someone that if I died tomorrow, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve crammed a lot into my years compared to some.


We had two weeks to find a house 1000 miles away that was suitable for 8 people. We found Girona.

VIP Tour of the TOUR

It’s not often I’ve been on an aeroplane that only had seven other passengers on it, although I came close once on an out of season flight in Thailand in 1996.  On this occasion, as I looked around the cabin at the excited faces playing with their reclining leather seats and taking selfies, I knew…

Broken By Alp D’Huez

Come to the Alps they said, it will be fun they said.  Of course it will! They were right, but not that I thought that as I sat at the side of the road on Alp D’Huez close to tears with anger and rage.