2022 – My Best Bits

I can’t complain. I’ve cycled the cobbles of Flanders, climbed the best mountains in the French Alps, ridden through sun-soaked crop fields in Dorset, mountain biked the Atlas Mountains and snorkelled in the Indian Ocean. It’s been quite a year. Add to that a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Valencia in Spain and Verona in Italy…

If I Were Strava CEO

If my Strava personal assistant (and let’s call her Sally) offered me the chance of setting up such a goal, reminded me of it, reported against my progress and even gave me a nudge if I was below schedule for that period, would it make me work a bit harder?

Trophy Cabinet

I had stayed at Liz’s house in London the night before as they were away somewhere and I think we were babysitting or something. Either way, it meant I had to get up very early if I was going to get to Blenheim Palace on time. The race was due to start at 9.30am and…

Cycling Rivalry – A Short Story

As they stood at the counter, espresso shots in hand, their eyes never left each other as they necked the hot coffee, trying hard not to flinch under the heat of the liquid and the bitterness of the gritty drink.  “Two more”, said the rival.  “Each!” Added Adrian

Cycling is FREE

As I rode through the stunning country lanes of South Gloucestershire on Sunday I was smiling to myself as I thought about how easy it was to enjoy yourself and for so little cost.  I had just bemoaned the £7 spent at Tetbury’s most expensive cake and coffee shop so it puts into perspective how…

It’s just a ride. Isn’t it?

As your breath starts to slow down, the nonchalant mechanical buzz of the free rolling wheels is suddenly your best friend.

Why It Pays To Look Where You Are Going When Riding A Bike

I’ve only ever had 3 stitches before.  These were inserted in my chin after randomly falling over the handlebars as a 8 or something year old on my cousins bike.  I was very brave and I even remember not crying as the doctor waved the thread in front of my eyes as if to taunt…

Flies For Supper

Prior to getting on my bike I hadn’t spent much time eating flies.  Especially not the large fat buggers that nonchalantly fly at you like a youth walking towards you on the street using their mobile phone, expecting you to get out of the way of them.  Cycling changed this.