It’s just a ride. Isn’t it?

Great ride we shout to each other, as we peel off towards our respective homes on a Saturday afternoon.  One final look down at the Garmin to reveal the damage done to the legs; usually in order of distance and then average speed.  We are riding for fun, to stay fit, because we like it and well, because we did the week before too.  It’s not competitive, and it’s not a race.  Is it?

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Uber Obese to Mamil

When I was young we called them racing bikes, or racers.   I guess aesthetically they were the same thing as modern day race bikes but I suspect that’s where the comparison ends.  Other than when I was about 12 years old I honestly never had a need or a desire for a road bike and like most people considered it an area of interest for a small group of people like rambling or playing cribbage.   Continue reading “Uber Obese to Mamil”

Why It Pays To Look Where You Are Going When Riding A Bike

I’ve only ever had 3 stitches before.  These were inserted in my chin after randomly falling over the handlebars as a 8 or something year old on my cousins bike.  I was very brave and I even remember not crying as the doctor waved the thread in front of my eyes as if to taunt me about the pain he was about to inflict.  To be fair, I screamed like a baby at the time I crashed, but hey I was young and in my defence it bloody hurt.

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