Cycling is FREE

As I rode through the stunning country lanes of South Gloucestershire on Sunday I was smiling to myself as I thought about how easy it was to enjoy yourself and for so little cost.  I had just bemoaned the £7 spent at Tetbury’s most expensive cake and coffee shop so it puts into perspective how free the cycling was compared to the unidentifiable cake I had eaten just one hour before.

Then it dawned upon me what absolute bollocks I was thinking.  Cycling isn’t free.  It’s ridiculously expensive and it’s certainly cost me a small fortune.  So I started to think about how much I had spent on the very items I was travelling with and if you promise not to tell my wife, I’ll list them here as I know it will not be any different to your own out-goings.

  1. Bike: £1,800
  2. Shoes: £160
  3. Shorts £60
  4. Jersey £50
  5. Helmet £120
  6. Socks £7
  7. Water bottles x 2 £6
  8. Bottle cages x 2 £12
  9. Cap £15
  10. Gloves £25
  11. Glasses £160
  12. Saddle bag £20
    1. Bike tool £25
    2. Spare tube £3
    3. Tyre levers £2.
    4. Pump £25
  13. Garmin £330
  14. Garmin cadence & speed sensor £40

If I start to think about all the money spent on tyres, servicing, chains, cables, oil, more tubes and every connotation of clothing required for each weather type, I would probably never have taken up the sport for fear of not being able to afford it.  But then
that said, I did wonder if I was having any more fun riding with the above list of kit thnewbikefundan I did when I firs started out on my aluminium bike with my basic shorts and cheap helmet and I don’t know the answer to that.  Sure I am fitter, faster and the group of friends I have got to know through the cycling have been great great fun, but the cycling itself was just as good.  I think.

Either way, on the basis the above money has all been spent and is in effect best forgotten I’ll go on moaning about my £7.00 coffee and cake stops and how cycling for free is the best money I have ever spent.


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