Cycling the Atlas Mountains

Who wouldn’t want to cycle the Atlas Mountains in Morocco? I have to be honest and say I hadn’t spent much time thinking about it until the opportunity presented itself. I had been invited to Morocco for a work event and the time off in the schedule triggered a conversation with a colleague who also…

Tour of Flanders

Having been literally locked down at home for what feels like five years, the opportunity to cross the English Channel with a close group of friends to see the famous cycling classic The Tour of Flanders was too good an opportunity to pass. Little did I know when I left, that I would be waking…

2022 Cycling Objectives – In A Nutshell

Each year I try to ensure I put down some realistic and obviously desirable activities or aims that for the forthcoming 12 months. By writing it down, I’m 5% of the way there. By stating it publicly, well that leaves me with no excuses whatsoever. Time will tell. 1. 10 x 100 = 100 miles…

2021 Remembered

It’s always a good at this time of year to take a moment to reflect on what is happened in the last 12 months. Was it a good year? Did I do all that I set to? and perhaps the biggest question of all, did I make the most of it? In yet another COVID…

Oxford by Bike – Another 130 mile + Ride

Every now and then one of us gets the crazy idea to cycle somewhere afar and the next thing I know it’s early in the morning and I am outside their house waiting to set-off. That was Saturday and on this occasion the chosen destination was Oxford. Why? If I recall correctly because it is…

Bike Packing The Isle of Wight

I had been wanting to do this for exactly six years. I know that because it was in 2014 that I bought my Specialized AWOL touring bike with the specific purpose of taking up a different style of riding. Since then, my interest in road cycling took off and I found myself glued to a…

Fosseway Fun

As I dived between puddles, holes and deep ridges in the track, the open bi-way in front of me just pulled me further and further along. Stopping only for photographs and, as you can see, nerd like levels of documenting on the GoPro, I felt like a child out in the 70’s with no care in the world

Coffee Stop Snob

We used to base our rides around the route. Now we base them around the cafe stop, the wind and then the route in that order

London to Amsterdam – why not?

Approximately two years ago I set out to organise a London to Paris bike ride for anyone at work that was interested in coming with me. The aim, was to raise money for the charity Sanitation First and the consequence would hopefully be fun as well as a positive outcome for the charity. It was…

2018 Reflections

It’s a morbid thing to say, but I said recently to someone that if I died tomorrow, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve crammed a lot into my years compared to some.

The Tour de France 2018

I managed to get a photo of Peter Sagan and with my free hand patted him on the back as if it that action alone would validate my meeting of him.   I was now officially a Fan Boy!


We had two weeks to find a house 1000 miles away that was suitable for 8 people. We found Girona.

Goodbye to 2017

But most importantly, the moral of the story is get off your arse Crow