2020 Highlights

It might seem a bit premature to be talking about the highlights for 2020 whilst coming to the end of March, but it is a good time to mention that I am now going to update the gallery for the year on the fly.

The Gallery menu now has two options, one for the historic images and highlights of the past, and one for this year’s images. It helps me keep track of what I have posted and also creates a good discipline for me to remember to capture and publish my rides as they happen. Not just leave them on Strava.

Some of the highlights so far are very easy to explain, so here are a selection of them.

It was a cold January and we had ambitiously opted to head over to the cafe the overside of the Longleat Estate. This meant we had the pleasure of having to ride through the estate, and past the great house. It’s always an interesting thing to do and something we all look forward to, even though some of the journey over isn’t that great in places. On this occasion we were looking forward to a warm cup of coffee at the lakeside cafe in Shearwater and so much so, that Graham shot off at the end in eagerness. We all put a final push in to stay with him so as to roll in for coffee. It was closed.

Gutted was an understatement, although as always, we laughed. The next option was quite a bit further and into the town of Warminster. We usually judge our cafe stops by the quality of the food, coffee and environment and we have been to some great ones. This wasn’t one of them. However, we learned something new about this place and that was all the patrons and all the staff were super friendly, so much so that despite the weak coffee and 1970’s pine feel of the furniture, we all commented how glad we were that we stopped there and how nice it had been to experience it.

On the way out of Warminster Douglas had a puncture. Not a regular issue but the pit stop procedure was well tested. It was though during this moment that Archie began to laugh and point towards the house behind, he had clearly seen something we hadn’t. When we looked up to the window we were greeted with some full size mannequin type figures, all dressed in quite random clothing and all ‘staring’ out of the window – as if to intimidate. We laughed our heads off.

Shortly after this, as we rode up the road towards Westbury a dog ran out into the road and started chasing me. Fortunately it didn’t cause a problem, other than a little stress for it’s young owner, but it did make us wonder what the heck was going on that day.

You go straight to the 2020 gallery here. https://dadonabike.com/gallery/2020-highlights/

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