My Cycling Year in Numbers

I had one numerical goal when I started the year and that was to hit 4,000 miles. I hadn’t achieved that in previous years and therefore I figured why not. 2017 had been my best year ever and as 2018 had gone a bit backwards compared to that I decided it was the year I was going to focus on using my turbo trainer. So, here are there results, courtesy of some pretty pictures from Excel.

Jan             145                90              234 
Feb             185              148              333 
Mar             303              140              443 
Apr             417              134              551 
May             428                46              474 
Jun             512                30              542 
Jul             437              437 
Aug             358              358 
Sep             217                39              257 
Oct             205                39              244 
Nov             213                91              304 
Dec             173                79              252 
Grand Total          3,594              836           4,430 

The summary being that the total mileage was 4,430 and this came from a total of 123 activities of which four were century rides.

April was the best month for mileage with just over 550 miles, although June wasn’t far behind with 541. The main difference between the two however was that most of June’s was outside where as 133 miles were completed on the turbo trainer in April.

3 Year Summary

Looking back over the last three years, the graph looks a little different.

This shows that the mileage in the second half of 2019 typically exceeded those of 2018 and 2017 which when drilled down, highlights that the turbo trainer work didn’t ease off as much as it did in previous years.

In 2017 the turbo trainer contribution was 12% of the total, in 2018 it increased to 13% and in 2019 finished on 19% creating an average of 15% over the last three years.

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