Finding Fifty

49 is a strange age. By now I’m used to the whole mid-life bracket and was just starting to get into the swing of ‘life begins at 40’. In many ways, it kind of did for me, but I think I’ve said that about each decade so far, something I take as good news to be fair.

Although I don’t see 50 as a glimpse of the grim reaper coming over the hill, I do want to stay relatively fit, I do need engage more of my healthy eating brain and I do want to write about 60 in the same way I am writing about 50. Albeit with more toilet breaks in between.

So I’ve put out the question on my Instagram of what I can do in 2020 to keep me feeling alive. To keep me trained, tuned, worried and excited. Preferably it’s a great trip somewhere with lots of cycling, ideally an A to B event where we are in somewhere different every night, heading somewhere new the next. If you have any ideas, stick them in the comments or in my Dadonabike Instagram and I’ll let you know how I get on!

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