A Very British Cycle Ride

Whenever I head to the coast, particularly the Dorset coast, it reminds me of all those family holidays down to Weymouth, Bournemouth and the various beaches around the area. That’s why a cycle trip that takes in these very shores is always something to look forward to, and why it has now become a bit of an annual event.

I will let the pictures do the talking on this occasion, but I think you get the gist that like all these things, it’s only as good as the people you go with so you will have trust me when I say it was a good ride that was great fun.

Unloading the bikes at the start point
Julie is smiling because she knows she is now at the top of the largest hill
Arriving in Lulworth Cove
There were some great climbs and they always rewarded us with amazing views
Corfe Castle
Could be Venice Beach
The Foot Long Hot Dog
Riding through the ‘forest’
Me again. But hey, it’s my blog!
Back again

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