Wiggle New Forest 100 Sportive

They say the best preparation for a long cycle ride is a good night’s sleep.  So as I lay awake at 4.00am on Saturday 24th September, in the knowledge my alarm was only 30 minutes away, I started to think about what sort of mess my mind and body would be in approximately 12 hours later as I made my way back from the Wiggle New Forest sportive.  Not wanting to take things gently, I had opted for the Epic 100 mile event which was described simply as “hilly”.

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It’s just a ride. Isn’t it?

Great ride we shout to each other, as we peel off towards our respective homes on a Saturday afternoon.  One final look down at the Garmin to reveal the damage done to the legs; usually in order of distance and then average speed.  We are riding for fun, to stay fit, because we like it and well, because we did the week before too.  It’s not competitive, and it’s not a race.  Is it?

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