Oxford by Bike – Another 130 mile + Ride

Every now and then one of us gets the crazy idea to cycle somewhere afar and the next thing I know it’s early in the morning and I am outside their house waiting to set-off. That was Saturday and on this occasion the chosen destination was Oxford. Why? If I recall correctly because it is…

My First 307.64 km Bike Ride

I can honestly say that I am amazed I didn’t crash at this point as there were a number of times I was jolted away from a hedge at the side of the road by a shot of adrenalin at the last minute. At one point I even had to slap myself on the face!

Pilgrimage to the Pyrenees

My body is so wet, I’m starting to worry it will genuinely run out of water. ¬†As I stare at the sign that slowly dissolves through the mist it’s not what I want to see when I am on my limit; yet another kilometre of climbing at 8.5%