Etape de Wales – ‘The Dragon’

I’ve written on here before about my reasons for entering this event (Dragon Taming) and to be honest at the time it was one of those situations where you did it and then said to yourself that you will think about it later.  That later was last Sunday 11th June and now as I sit…

Fatima & I

Regret is not a strong enough word to describe the feeling you get when you see, for the first time in your life, your soft girly looking legs, sat beneath a hairy pair of bollocks

Circuit Training

My only consolation is I get to pass a few children, their parents that have slowed down for them and the odd fat bloke on a mountain bike.

‘No’ Your Limits

If I were to single out any particular lesson that I have learned during these thousands of miles and almost as many laughs along the way, it would be that it is only the limits one places upon themselves that prevent them from going further.

The Cycle of Life

Wasn’t sure whether to write this or not as it is a personal matter and one that I have never had to share before.  You see, when I entered the Dragon Ride for June it was my best attempt to stick two fingers up at getting older and to have something that played on my…

Dragon Taming

As I stood at the back of the funeral reflecting on the life of the relative stranger, whose family wept in front of me, I started to wonder what others would say of me if I were in that wooden box.  Did I live life to the full? Achieve anything or contribute well to the…

Wiggle New Forest 100 Sportive

Wiggle though made up for this. Not only were we greeted by the ubiquitous inflatable finish line, but a live band, the smell of barbecuing steak and a wall of children and mothers (well at least 6 or 7) lining the finish line clapping and cheering.