What is the one thing I have in common with Louis Theroux?

In a moment of spontaneity (read madness) I have decided to record a podcast. Trust me, that’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ll need equipment, an understanding of things I currently don’t use and most importantly, I’ll need guests. The process I’m confident I will figure out, the guests, well that’s very much in the hands of others.


This an opportunity to get to know some amateur cyclists from around the world and to understand how cycling impacts their life, how their life interacts with cycling and most importantly, to get to know the background story. No sponsorship, no agenda and no filters.

How do they interact with their environment using a bicycle and any challenges that they face doing so. Are there fitness challenges, location, gender or physical / mental constraints that they have or perceive about themselves? It’s about how cycling might help with these and maybe many other hidden stories that may emerge. Who knows…

This is not a Louis Theroux podcast as he’s a professional and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. However, I would like to lift the cover on every day people and through sharing and celebrating their individualism, prove that cycling really does penetrate on so many different levels. I truly believe that when you look beyond the filters and cycling glasses, it’s not all about the bike the ‘gram.


Ideally, the preferred format is a recorded video interview via Zoom that can be shared on my Instagram channel. If permitted, this could also be added to YouTube so that the guest can share independently as they wish. They will also be provided with a full copy of the final version.

The second option with and / or approach is to document the interview in an interview type article and publish it on this blog. This would include a photo of the individual and any other images that they were happy to share/use from their Instagram along with a link to their profile. This might some guests over others.

Let me know if you are interested in being a guest! Contact page

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