Chimp versus Strava

Pretty much each time I have finished my ride I like to scroll through my Strava segment summary and look for highlights in the ride. Now let’s make it clear right from the off that I’m not one of those KOM guys, far from it. In fact, I consider anything remotely close to the top…

Why It Pays To Look Where You Are Going When Riding A Bike

I’ve only ever had 3 stitches before.  These were inserted in my chin after randomly falling over the handlebars as a 8 or something year old on my cousins bike.  I was very brave and I even remember not crying as the doctor waved the thread in front of my eyes as if to taunt…

Broken By Alp D’Huez

Come to the Alps they said, it will be fun they said.  Of course it will! They were right, but not that I thought that as I sat at the side of the road on Alp D’Huez close to tears with anger and rage.

Flies For Supper

Prior to getting on my bike I hadn’t spent much time eating flies. ¬†Especially not the large fat buggers that nonchalantly fly at you like a youth walking towards you on the street using their mobile phone, expecting you to get out of the way of them. ¬†Cycling changed this.